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I am just putting this out there to see what kind of feedback I get.  I am considering adding a walking forum to a website I run about walking in Ireland.  I would love any feedback, good idea, rubbish, no real need for it, go ahead and comment at the bottom.

I have spent the summer in the Czech Republic, as this is where my other half is from, but we are heading back to Ireland in the next few weeks – time really does disappear as one gets on a bit.  It has been a great summer and I have been cycling, mountain bike, and walking a fair bit – also a walking holiday in the middle on the Camino Le Puy route.  It is a good life.

Anyway I have been looking at all the great walking routes in Ireland and thinking that there are so many that I have not yet walked.  So I am laying out a plan to get out walking this winter and map all the routes using my GPS and have decent maps and elevations for each. My Garmin GPS is my latest toy and I must say I do love it.  Using it adds a bit more interest for me looking back after the walk.  I can see things like – yes, that was bloody hard and it wasn’t just me not feeling great today – like the second day on the Le Puy route where we started at 1,100 meters then up to 1,300 down to 600 and back up to 1,300 – that was a tough day and it took 11 hours of walking.  And I call that fun; my 18 year old self would be disgusted at how I have turned out.

So back to the forum idea; it would be a place to share walks, maps, etc.  How to get to places and what other things there are to see and do in the areas – I like heading off for weekends at a time so it is nice to have B&B recommendations, same for places to eat.  A big list of loop walks would be very handy also – as I said, any thoughts leave below.

And one last thing, any got any good suggestions for a good map for a Garmin for Ireland?  Thanks.

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